Vinyl Zapper® and Accessories

Vinyl Zapper®

  • Removal of vinyl, adhesive residues, reflecting foils, stickers, decals, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.
  • No heat damage to the paintwork
  • Quick and efficient

Vinyl Zapper® 23 mm

PU 5 pieces: ZU-010-05

PU 1 pieces: ZU-010-01

MONTI Adapter System

  • High-quality aluminum die casting alloy 
  • Rapid belt changing with the aid of an Allen key

Adapter system, 23 mm


MONTI Air Pressure Regulator

  • Reduces the air pressure to the optimum operating pressure (6.2 bar)
  • Improves the performance and extends the life of Vinyl Zapper®
  • Increases the efficiency of Vinyl Zapper® Technology

Air Pressure Regulator, 23 mm


MONTI Swivel Connector

  • Increases freedom of movement through a full 360°
  • Makes working even easier
  • Prevents air pressure hoses from twisting

Swivel connector