Performance Range

The Die Blaster® is a special tool designed for thoroughly removing corrosion from car body panels. Its patented Accelerator Bar and special design enable it to produce perfect results in areas that are exceedingly difficult to reach.

  • Removes rust and sealants in areas that are difficult to reach 
  • Patented Accelerator Bar increases the striking energy of the bristles
  • Creates a rough, “blasted” surface
  • Metallically bright and thorough cleaning of the surface
  • Specially designed for preparing the surface of door rabbets (door jambs), roof joints (rain channels) and wheel housings
  • Special range of belts with half the number of rows of wire bristles for even better accessibility
  • Low vibration (1.45 m/s)
  • Low sound pressure level of 84 dB(A)
  • Adjustable protection cover
  • Low operating speed of 2,100 rpm
  • The patented air cooling system extends the life of the Die Blaster® Belts
  • The belts have been developed specifically for use with the Die Blaster® and can only be used with this tool
  • Lightweight design (1.1 kg) for easy, flexible handling