The Die Blaster® supplements the MBX® for carrying out body work at areas that are especially difficult to reach, in particular, grooves, joints and inner edges. 

Thanks to its special geometric shape and belts with just one row of wire bristles, it is ideal for working in, e.g. roof joints (rain channels), wheel housings and or door rabbets (door jambs). 

The Accelerator Bar increases the striking energy of the bristles, enabling the Die Blaster® to work highly effectively and quickly, e.g. when removing rust or sealants.

No, because Die Blaster® Belts are specially developed for use with the Die Blaster® drive unit. The Accelerator Bar mounted on the unit increases the kinetic energy of the bristles. The preassembled Air Pressure Regulator reduces the air pressure and ensures the optimum rotational speed. This is essential to enable the Die Blaster® Belts to work effectively.

Yes, this is in principle possible. If, for instance, it is difficult to see the work area, you may have to, or we recommend that, you work without the Accelerator Bar. For this purpose, the arm on which the Accelerator Bar is mounted can be detached.

However, working WITHOUT the Accelerator Bar reduces the striking energy of the bristles and consequently their effectiveness at cleaning and removing rust.

It is essential that you know how to work correctly with Die Blaster® Technology. You can find appropriate instructions in the user manual enclosed with every set. We also recommend that you watch our application film.

The compressed-air motor should be regularly oiled. All you have to do is put a few drops of low-viscosity oil into the compressed-air connection. Proper maintenance ensures that the tool enjoys a longer service life and is a precondition for warranty claims.