Drive unit

Thanks to its special design, the Die Blaster® guarantees great access to areas that are difficult to reach. It has been developed specifically for removing corrosion in door rabbets (door jambs), roof joints (rain channels) and wheel housings. It uses our patented Accelerator Bar technology, which increases the kinetic and therefore the striking energy of the bristle tips many times over and creates a metallically bright, rough surface like that achieved by blasting.

Designed for professional use in automobile workshops, the Die Blaster® meets the highest demands for quality and durability.


  • Patented Accelerator Bar
  • Patented air cooling system extends the life of the Die Blaster® Belts
  • The special, lightweight design (1.1 kg) ensures great accessibility

Die Blaster® Set


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● Drive Unit Die Blaster® Pneumatic
● MONTI Adaptor System 11mm
● Accelerator Bar for Die Blaster®
● 2 Die Blaster® Belts, Steel, Lime, 11mm
● 2 Die Blaster® Belts, Steel, Lime, 11mm – Right
● 2 Die Blaster® Belts, Steel, Lime, 11mm – Left
● MONTI 360° Swivel Connector, Rp 1/4"
● Die Blaster® Air Pressure Regulator
● packed in a Blow Mould Case