Belts and Accessories

Bristle Blaster® Belts

  • In-house production in Germany
  • Two grades of material (steel/stainless steel)
  • Use of stainless steel belts in connection with the stainless-steel Accelerator Bars to prevent contact corrosion

Bristle Blaster® Belt 
23 mm, steel

PU 10 belts: BB-033-10

PU 5 belts: BB-033-05

Bristle Blaster® Belt 
11 mm, steel

PU 10 belts: BB-034-10

PU 5 belts: BB-034-05

Bristle Blaster® Belt 
23 mm, stainless steel

PU 10 belts: BB-102-10

PU 5 belts: BB-102-05

Bristle Blaster® Belt 
11 mm, stainless steel

PU 10 belts: BB-103-10

PU 5 belts: BB-103-05

MONTI Adapter System

  • High-quality aluminum die casting alloy 
  • Rapid belt changing with the aid of an Allen key 

Adapter system 
23 mm


Adapter system 
11 mm


Bristle Blaster® Accelerator Bars

  • Basis for the high performance capability of Bristle Blaster® Technology 
  • Extremely robust and low-wearing
  • Available in two length and material variants 
    (use dependent on width and material of the belt)

Accelerator Bars 
23 mm, steel

PU 5 pieces: ZU-060-05

Accelerator Bars 
11 mm, steel

PU 5 pieces: ZU-061-05

Accelerator Bars 
23 mm, stainless steel

PU 5 pieces: ZU-062-05

Accelerator Bars 
11 mm, stainless steel

PU 5 pieces: ZU-063-05

MONTI Air Pressure Regulators

  • Reduce the air pressure to the optimum operating pressure 
    (6.2 bar for 23 mm belts, 5.2 bar for 11 mm belts)
  • Improve the performance and extend the life of Bristle Blaster® Belts
  • Increase the efficiency of Bristle Blaster® Technology

Air Pressure Regulator 
silver, 23 mm


Air Pressure Regulator 
blue, 11 mm


MONTI Swivel Connector

  • Increases freedom of movement through a full 360°
  • Makes working even easier
  • Prevents air pressure hoses from twisting

Swivel connector


Dust Exhaust for Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic

  • Captures up to 80% of the particles that arise as a result of the work process
  • Can be adapted for use with all commonly used industrial vacuum cleaners

Dust exhaust