The Bristle Blaster® is the only hand-held tool worldwide that is able to create a surface cleanliness comparable to Sa 2½ – Sa 3 (SSPC SP-10 / NACENo. 2 SSPC SP-5 / NACE No. 1) and a surface roughness profile of up to 120 µm (4.7 mil).


Using the Bristle Blaster®, the need for complex abrasive blast equipment is completely eliminated. Consequently, Bristle Blasting is perfect for weld seam preparation and widely used for pipeline construction, repair, and inspection.



  • Open Grid Europe
  • Pemex 
  • NORD-West Ölleitung
  • Transgaz
  • Bohlen & Doyen
  • TransCanada
  • ConocoPhilips
  • NIS Gazprom
  • YPFB